Morning Larry:

During the time I was assigned to the 9th Log at Camp Friendship, we
occasionally went on alert during suspicious activity outside the camp or intelligence
indicated a pending or possible attack.  There were bunker positions outside
the perimeter fence of Friendship and these bunkers were manned during the
alert to provide early warning if the attack actually came.

The Cobra Task Force was the name of the reactionary force from the 9th Log
that manned the bunkers in our designated area.  It was voluntary duty and it
provided exemption from other company duties such as CQ or CQ runner, etc.   We
were the first line of defense and our primary purpose was the early
detection and engagement of enemy troops approaching Camp Friendship. 

I don't remember what level the alert had to reach for deployment although as
I recall it was yellow or orange.   When deployed we would report in battle
gear and we were issued M-14 rifles and ammo.  We were trucked to our assigned
posts outside the fence and we remained there until the alert or threat was
over at which time the trucks would return to pick us up and bring us back in. 

We were also available to respond as a first response reactionary force in
the event of actual attack for other defensive positions as needed.  We trained
and practiced response and deployment as time in a pending attack was of the
essence.  On several occasions, we deployed during actual alert and I spent a
number of lonely hours out in those bunkers but the attack never came.

The Thai guards generally provided the perimeter security for Friendship. and
they patrolled the fence line and manned the observation towers.  As I
recall, they were armed with the M-1 Carbine rifle and were known to sleep at their

Len Scheid
RA all the Way